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Healthy Eating Toolkit

Feast on these nutrition resources—for use at home or at school—to get your kids or students inspired to eat better and build healthy habits.

About the toolkit

Encourage healthy eaters

This interactive toolkit, sponsored by Dole, is your one-stop shop for all things nutrition. Eating better helps improve kids’ learning, behavior, and emotional health, so start building healthy habits with these recipes, resources, and ideas on a variety of topics. Check back regularly for new and updated content.

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For school fundraisers, instead of selling candy, chocolate, and cookies…

…sell fresh produce baskets, homemade granola, trail mix, or  yogurt pops.

Chit chat: Get to know your food service manager. Stop in for a quick chit chat (not complaints) after drop-off or pick-up. Express interest in learning about how school meals work and the challenges they face.

Ways to take action at your child's school