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Jump Into Summer

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Girl Jumping RopeJump for joy, summer is here! Jumping rope is a great way for kids to get the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day. It not only gets hearts pumping, but it also strengthens bones – something kids should do at least three days per week.

Jumping rope is the perfect summer activity. All you need is a rope and a little bit of space. Encourage kids to start jumping with these fun activities:

  • How long can you jump? Keep track of how many minutes you jump each week and see if you can increase your time each day!
  • Have a jump rope contest with your friends! Who can jump rope for the longest time without stopping?
  • Do double dutch with friends.
  • Play your favorite song on speakers and see if you and your friends can jump the entire time.
  • Try these fancy jump rope moves:
      • Skier: While jumping rope, alternate between jumping on the left side to jumping on the right, like a downhill skier.
      • Bell: This is like the skier, but instead of jumping side to side, you’re jumping front to back, like a bell ringing.
      • Double Under: Can you speed it up? Twirl the rope faster than you normally would to see if you can make the rope pass under you twice during a jump.
      • Run while jumping with the jump rope to a specific spot (the end of the sidewalk, a cone, etc.).

Jump Rope Games

Jump Rope Water Splash!

  • Jump ropes, plastic cups and water

How to play:

  • Assign two players to hold each end of the jump rope.
  • Give the other children a plastic cup full of water.
  • While the large jump rope twirls, jumpers one-by-one should try to do three consecutive jumps while holding their cup of water.
  • The child that has the most water left is the winner!
  • You can keep playing until only one person has water left in their cup.

Jump Rope Relay

  • One jump rope per team

How to play:

  • Divide the group into several small groups.
  • Place a jump rope about 30 feet in front of each small group.
  • The first player of each group runs to their jump rope, jumps rope 10 times, then runs back to the group to tag the next player in line. The next player repeats the activity.
  • The first group to have all players complete the activity wins!


Reach out to a local gym and invite a trainer to come out and teach some new jump rope moves and talk about the value of exercising consistently.

Ask parents to volunteer to host Jump Rope Field Days during the summer to help kids get together and stay active when they’re not in school.