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You are the #1 influence on your child’s life. School is #2.

Parents for Healthy Kids is a national initiative created for parents, offering resources to help parents and caregivers become effective change agents in school and student health. Explore our resources; sign up to receive news, tips, and more; and learn how you can take action.

How healthy is your school?

Take the quiz to see how your school could improve and how to take action.

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Make change happen.

Rock school wellness like a boss: See how you can give students a leg up.

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Inspire healthy eating.

Get recipes, tips, and activities for building healthy eating habits at home.

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“We’ve had a dramatic uptick in the number of unique cases [of food insecurity] since COVID-19. Families who were not part of the program before are now receiving food because some parents are newly unemployed but not yet able to receive unemployment assistance. The pandemic has changed who is using our food pantry."

Ashley Dykes, parent, Altamonte Springs, Florida

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Healthy at Home

Get the whole family healthy by engaging in healthy activities—such as cooking, playing, and exercising—together.

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PE & Physical Activity

Sitting all day isn’t good for anyone. See how to ensure kids get 60 minutes of exercise daily (or more).

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School Environment

Good health improves behavior, memory, focus, and emotional well-being. Make your school environment a healthy one.

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Featured Recipe

Who doesn’t love crunchy, seasoned finger foods? Swap out the fried mozzarella sticks for these oven-baked zucchini fries.


As a proud sponsor of Action for Healthy Kids’ parent engagement work, ALDI is committed to helping families live healthier lives.