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Making change happen

See how you can make your mark on school health and give every kid access to more physical activity, better nutrition, and healthier behaviors.

Getting started

How Schools Work

Before you can make change happen at your child's school, get the low-down on how schools work.

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Assess Your School’s Health

Learn how to get a feel for your school's strengths and weaknesses around health and what to do about them.

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No “I” in Team

More heads are better than one: Learn how to join or start a school health team.

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On your way

Geek Out: School Wellness Policy 101

Like to wonk out on policy? Even if not, become a school wellness policy pro to help make changes at your school.

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Cultivating a Culture of Health

Find all the places health can be incorporated into the school day, and make sure members of the school community understand the importance of healthy behaviors for students.

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Making the Case for School Wellness

You want your child's school to be healthier, so learn how to find the right people, present options, advocate for change, and more.

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Basically a pro

Build a Healthier School Food Culture

It's not just lunch: Make sure your school makes healthy food choices in all situations.

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Talk the Talk: School Health Glossary

Learn the school health jargon so you can work with the experts - or be one yourself!

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Parents Talk About School Health

Parents are a powerful force for change in schools. Let them tell you why.

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