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Healthy at home

Bring it home with these recommendations for practicing healthy habits and eating nutritiously outside of school.

Fuel more movement

Active at Home

Make fitness a family affair with these recommendations for staying active together.

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Make Time to Play Today—It Does More Than You Think

There are more benefits to play than just having fun—it's important for overall health and well-being. Get ideas to introduce more play into the day.

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Staying Healthy and Active with Virtual and At-Home Learning

Stay healthy and active no matter where learning takes place! Find tips, resources and more for virtual and at-home learning.

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Make every meal a good one

Eating Healthy at Home

Your kids will love healthy foods in no time if you take these steps for eating better at home.

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Healthy on a Budget

If you’re trying to eat healthy without breaking the bank, don’t worry: It can be done.

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The Benefits of Eating Meals as a Family

Eating meals together as a family is beneficial for more than just bonding. See how else it can impact your children's lives.

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Snack Time at Home

Whether you're short on time or having a lazy afternoon, here are several healthy snack ideas your kids will love.

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Incorporating Nutrition Education into Your Home Routine

From playtime to reading time and everything in between, you can incorporate child-friendly nutrition lessons into everyday activities.

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Anti-Bribing Strategies for Picky Eaters

Have a picky eater at home? Try these strategies to help them consume a balanced diet.

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More Activities to Do at Home

Keep your kids busy on the weekends or when school is out by browsing our activity library for tips, games, and more. From physical activity to nutrition and emotional health, we make it easy for you to encourage a well-rounded set of healthy behaviors.