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Parents In PE ClassTo impact the lives of students, parents are the key to success! Many parents are interested in what their children are learning at school and would love the opportunity to observe the classroom. In physical education class, invite parents to observe and participate with their child. Parents might be curious to see how physical education has changed since they attended school, what the curriculum looks like in action, and discuss their shared experiences with students.

Take Action

Physical education for parents is a prime opportunity to involve parents at your school. Parents can join a regularly scheduled class, during a unit of particular interest, or as part of a special event.

  • Get support from the top! Discuss with school administrators the idea of inviting parents to physical education class. Talk about the benefits of having parents observe the classroom, and decide what key points you want to share with parents.
  • Choose when to invite parents. Will you pick a typical week or choose a special national observance like Every Kid Healthy Week, Take Your Parent to PE Week, or National Physical Fitness and Sports Month.
  • Collaborate with your parent group and classroom teachers to increase involvement.
  • Let your administrators and office staff know when parents are coming to school so they can anticipate extra visitors.
  • During PE class, provide information about how:
      • The curriculum aims to support children achieve and maintain a healthy, physically active lifestyle.
      • Daily physical education teaches skills and concepts, develops fitness, helps students assess their fitness status and develop strategies to improve skills and knowledge for gaining and maintaining personal health-related fitness.
      • The curriculum uses technology, various movement forms, and a variety of fitness activities to help students develop their skills and knowledge.
      • The PE supports the school’s Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program (CSPAP).
      • Parents can help students continue to build their fitness skills at home. Sixty minutes per day of physical activity is the goal for kids (30 minutes per day for adults).


Students will be excited about having parents join class. Follow a class routine and a familiar lesson to keep students on task.

Be aware that adults may have physical activity limitations. Provide the lesson plan with plenty of options for inclusion and modification.

Collaborate with classroom teachers to demonstrate to parents how students get daily physical activity outside of PE through classroom physical activity breaks.

Issue a family challenge at the end of class to keep the physical activity momentum going. Share information about the Family Activity Points.

Consider scheduling a similar event after school or during conferences to make it possible for more parents to participate. For example, host a Family Fitness Night.

Consider how your school can open your facility to the community for more regular physical activity.