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For many schools, Field Day is one of the most memorable days of the year, and it’s a great addition to Every Kid Healthy Week. Let the games begin!

Water Relay

Take a few plastic cups and poke small holes in the sides. Next, fill a bucket with water. Set another, empty bucket about 10 yards away from the bucket of water. This is how it works: Have the first child on each team grab a cup and fill from the bucket with water in it. They must then carry the cup of water toward the empty bucket as quickly as possible (while minimizing spillage) and dump out the remaining water into the bucket. Have them run back to the start line and tag the hand of the next person in line to do the same. The first team to fill their bucket to the top with water wins!


Divide the group into two teams. Tie a ribbon or piece of fabric in the middle of the rope. If on grass, use flour to create two lines that are slightly off center. These lines will be used to determine the winning team. Each team has a side and pulls the rope until the ribbon crosses over the line on their side. When it crosses, they win!

Balloon Squeeze

Divide the group into pairs. Establish a start and finish line. Without using their hands, each pair must carry a balloon between their stomachs from the start to finish line.

Sack Race

Give each student a burlap sack or pillowcase to put their feet in. Line up all students. Have the students simultaneously hop to the finish line. The first three to cross the finish line first win 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Three-legged Race

Divide the group into pairs. While facing forward, have each pair tie together their legs closest to each other with ribbon. Have students race in groups of three teams around a barrel of water, trashcan or pole, and back.

Wheelbarrow Race

In partners, one child holds on to the other child’s ankles while they try to crawl on their hands to the finish line.

Standing and Running Long Jump

Challenge students to jump as far as they can while standing, and while taking a running approach. The student who can jump the farthest wins.

Ball Hug Race

Each student will place a ball between his/her knees and race to the opposite line and back again. Use a smaller ball for younger students and modify the distance to accommodate different age groups.

Parachute game

Using a parachute or large piece of flexible fabric, toss multiple small rubber balls while heald taut. See how long each team can keep the balls popping up and down!

Obstacle Course

Create an obstacle course. Get creative! Find ladders, garbage cans, old lounge chairs, etc. to crawl over, under, around and through.


Utilizing parent and/or community members as volunteers during Field Day can really enhance both the quantity and quality of activities offered. Volunteers can assist in the event planning, set-up/break-down and supervision of activities.