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Healthy Messages for Families

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Parent engagement is key to any successful school wellness program. Not only do parents support healthy habits at home, but they can also support your wellness efforts at school. Start by sharing key healthy messages with parents to give them tools for supporting health at home.

Take Action

Here are four key messages to share with parents:

Load Up on Fruits and Veggies!

The benefits of eating more fruits and vegetables go far beyond helping to maintain a healthy weight. Think about better skin, fewer wrinkles, healthier teeth and gums, and lower risk of diseases. Get more fruits and veggies by making smoothies or slushes.

Share this tip and more suggestions with parents: ENGLISH & SPANISH

Swap Out the Sodas!

Reaching for a soda or energy drink when we’re thirsty is a habit, and we know habits can be hard to change. But every time we drink a sugary soda, we need to think about the impact on our body and our teeth. Start by tracking how many sugar beverages you and your kids drink in a day: Can you replace just one each day with milk or water?

Share this tip and more suggestions with parents: Tip Sheet – ENGLISH & SPANISH

Let’s Get Moving!

People who are active typically feel better, accomplish more and live longer. To get healthy, we need to get moving! Consider taking a 15-minute break at work to walk around and recommend that kids take study breaks the same way.

Share this tip and more suggestions with parents: Tip Sheet – ENGLISH & SPANISH

Skip the Screen!

Technology can eat away huge amounts of time for everyone in the family. Parents can set the limits and set the examples. Start with making family bedrooms “no screen zones.” Kids who have TVs in their rooms tend to watch about 1.5 hours more TV per day than those who don’t.

Share this tip and more suggestions with parents: Tip Sheet – ENGLISH & SPANISH


Share these messages wherever parents are – at back to school nights, parent-teacher conferences, the office, at dismissal, etc.

Insert these messages into school newsletters, website and social media channels.

Turn these tips into challenges! Highlight a tip each month, and encourage families to try it.