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Celebrate National Nutrition Month

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Kids Doing Push UpsIs your school looking for ways to coordinate your nutrition education efforts? Consider celebrating National Nutrition Month during March! This annual observance is a nutrition education campaign led by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to help people develop healthy eating and physical activity habits.

Take Action

While schools should strive to teach students nutrition education throughout the year, use March to dedicate extra time and attention to nutrition. Check out our favorite ways to celebrate National Nutrition Month.

  • Choose one healthy eating or physical activity concept to promote each week during March. Display signage throughout your school, teach nutrition education lessons in the classroom and include messages during morning announcements. For example:
  • Meet with your school nutrition staff to determine how the month can be celebrated in and out of the school cafeteria.
  • In the cafeteria, highlight a healthy item every day during the month. Share facts, nutrition benefits and healthy dishes that include this food.
  • Host a taste test! A taste test is a great way to garner enthusiasm around trying new foods together.
  • Hold a school-wide campaign to encourage students to eat breakfast. It activates our brains, gives us energy and makes us alert. Eating a healthy, well- balanced breakfast also helps us continue making good choices throughout the day.
  • Help students become aware of their healthy (or not so healthy) behaviors. Download and send home a fruit and vegetable or physical activity tracker.
  • Host a Rethink Your Drink demonstration to teach students about healthy beverages choices.
  • Teach students how to read a nutrition facts label. As part of the lesson, ask students to bring in nutrition labels from home. Spend some time during class reading labels and comparing information.
  • Host a health and wellness fair!
  • Share healthy messages with parents to promote good nutrition at home.


Is time too limited to teach nutrition education on top of required lessons? Try incorporating nutrition information into core subject lessons like Math, Language Arts and Science.

Promote nutrition through existing communication channels such as the school website and social media, school newsletters and morning announcements.

Have volunteers assist with the planning and organization of a health and wellness fair. Volunteers can recruit local businesses to participate, assist with logistics and help set-up/tear down/supervise on the day of the event.

Recruit a local dietitian to give a special school-wide presentation to educate, support and celebrate National Nutrition Month.

Recruit a creative volunteer to design signage with healthy messages to hang up in your school to celebrate and educate.