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Step 2: Assess & Track Progress

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Establishing a Baseline

Now that you have your team, it’s time to establish a baseline. Do you know where your school stacks up when it comes to school health best practices for supporting the Whole Child? While excitement and passion can make us feel like jumping right in, understanding your school’s strengths and areas of opportunity help to build sustainable action plans and avoid duplicating efforts.

We offer schools an abbreviated online version of the CDC’s School Health Index (SHI). The SHI is an assessment tool that helps you understand which school health best practices your school has/does not have in place that support healthy students and prepare them to learn. The newly expanded SHI aligns with the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model to help your school get a comprehensive look at school and student health.

The best part? Our School Health Index is designed to be completed collaboratively via AFHK’s online School Portal. Learn more, find resources and support, and assess your school health today at the link below.


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Apply for a Grant

Now that you know where your school needs to improve, apply for a grant to make this happen. From recess equipment to garden supplies, get what you need to get kids healthy.

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