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Step 2: Assess & Track Progress

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Your team is assembled! Now it’s time to examine your school environment. A wellness assessment is well worth your time and effort and may cover several aspects of the school environment: health education, nutrition, physical activity, competitive foods and beverages, family and community involvement, staff wellness, healthy and safe school environments, and health services.

See where your school succeeds or has room for improvement by using the School Health Index. Visit the AFHK School Portal to access our online School Health Index.


AFHK School Portal

When you conduct a wellness assessment, you enable your team to:

  • Develop key relationships with staff.
  • Determine your school’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Define goals that suit your school’s need.
  • Justify your desire to make changes.
  • Document starting points in order to show progress over time.

We offer schools an abbreviated online version of the CDC’s School Health Index (SHI). The SHI is an assessment tool that helps you understand which school health best practices your school has/does not have in place that support healthy students and prepare them to learn. The SHI aligns with the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model to help your school get a comprehensive look at school and student health.

Our SHI includes key questions on various school health topics from the CDC’s version of the School Health Index to provide your school with a shorter, easy-to-complete assessment. Once completed, we’ll provide you with an auto-generated report that summarizes your responses and identifies areas for growth. Focus your school health efforts on these improvement opportunities to ensure you’re providing a learning environment that supports students who are healthy, active and ready to learn.

Your entire school health team can complete the assessment collaboratively online via AFHK’s School Portal.

School Health Index Resources

Learn about ways to engage students in completing the School Health Index.

Apply for a Grant

Now that you know where your school needs to improve, apply for a grant to make this happen. From recess equipment to garden supplies, get what you need to get kids healthy.

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