Step 3 - Action for Healthy Kids
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Step 3: Create & Implement an Action Plan

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Developing a clear action plan is critical to the success of a school health initiative. In addition to serving as a road map, creating a plan provides many benefits, such as:

  • Team camaraderie – The process of developing an action plan together will make the team feel more invested.
  • Group brainstorming – Each team member brings different skills to the table; action plans will be clearer and more inclusive when everyone plays a role in their development.
  • Clear communication – Everyone will understand project goals, what he/she is expected to do, and what the timeline is for accomplishing those tasks. This reduces confusion and potential conflicts.
  • A timeline – Written timelines help keep everyone on the same page and keep tasks moving forward.

After you’ve assessed your school health environment using the School Health Index in Step 2, you will receive a report that summarizes your school’s results. This report showcases an overall score that highlights what percentage of health-promoting practices your school has in place as well as “Opportunities for Growth.”

To develop your action plan, review the “Opportunities for Growth” on your School Health Index report. Identify what is feasible for your school to accomplish during the school year, and pick three to five priorities. These activities will serve as the foundation for your school action plan.

Log in to our School Portal to review your School Health Index report.

Steps to Develop Your Action Plan

  1. Review your School Health Index Results. After you complete the SHI, your school receives a report that summarizes opportunities for growth. Identify the opportunities for growth that are feasible for your school to accomplish this year, and select three to five priorities on which to focus your school health efforts.
  2. Translate your SHI Results into an action plan. Your action plan can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like. For a simple version, print your School Health Index report, highlight your priorities and use that as your action plan. Next, outline activities, dates, resources, etc. for each priority. Regardless of the type of action plan you use, bring a copy of it to each School Health Team meeting to review progress.
  3. Select and search for activity ideas. Game On has resources to support each topic area on the School Health Index. Once you have identified your top priorities for the year, visit Step 4 to find Game On Activities that align with your priorities. Each Game On activity provides ideas, tips and resources to support you in successfully implementing the activity. Contact us at if you need additional support.
  4. Apply for grants! Find funding to help you implement your action plan.
  5. Put the plan into action. Use the action plan to track your progress against your health priorities. Revisit the action plan throughout the year to update objectives and check off completed actions.

Consider including students in creating and implementing your action plan. Assign tasks to each student and have them weigh in on what actions should be included. This will help students understand their role in creating a healthier school environment if they see how they fit in the action plan and other activities your team undertakes. Be sure to celebrate your action items when you achieve them to help keep members engaged!

Study Up

As you make your action plans, do your homework. From community engagement strategies to healthy best practices to wellness topics, our archived webinars are loaded with tips and information.

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