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Back to School: Safe & Healthy in an Uncharted Landscape

We've created and collected resources to help families, educators and school staff keep kids active and stay healthy while navigating a new school year amid uncertainty. Resources will be added continually, so check back often.

"Planning for the Next Normal at School: Keeping students, staff, and families safe and healthy"

This playbook for school reopening (whether in person or virtual) from Kaiser Permanente’s Thriving Schools initiative aims to equip school and district leaders with evidence-informed guidance for keeping school communities healthy and safe as we shape a new approach to learning. The playbook was created with guidance from more than 30 school health organizations, including AFHK.

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Social Emotional Health Resources

Resources for Promoting Social-Emotional Learning

Social-emotional learning is a key component of child health, so integrate it into instruction and play. Resources for promoting social-emotional learning in hybrid learning environments.

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Resources for Supporting Adult SEL and Nurturing Relationships

Prioritize your own emotional health and self-care to be a supportive adult for children. Find resources to support adult SEL and build relationships and connectedness between adults and children.

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Resources for Creating Safe and Supportive Learning Environments

Create an emotionally safe learning environment for your kids or students that encourages kids to make mistakes, learn and grow, and explore emotions through conversation and connection.

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Additional Health Resources

Resources for Distance Learning

From accessibility to strategies for keeping learners engaged - find tools, tips and resources for families and school staff to keep the learning going - regardless of what the learning environment looks like for you. 

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Resources for Supporting Physical Activity, Nutrition, Play and More

Resources from our partners and other organizations to help schools and families foster healthy habits at home during COVID-19.

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Healthy Activities to Do at Home

When kids are out of school, parents and caregivers can use these activities and resources to keep their kids moving, learning, and eating healthily.

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