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Resources for Back to School Planning Amid Uncertainty

Back to school plans will look differently for staff, families and children alike around the world. Planning for a healthy and exciting new school year is challenging enough, let alone while navigating the uncertain environment of COVID-19.  Knowing where to find information, working with others to develop flexible plans, and staying connected is crucial for a successful school year.

Navigating COVID-19

When making decisions for you, your school or your family – leverage information and resources available through the Centers for Disease Control and other health experts to stay informed and stay healthy.

Resources for All

Food Access

Families should check with their school district or local food bank. Many states have received a waiver from the USDA that allows schools to provide meals for all children under 18 and are not required to eat on site. Feeding sites are available throughout the community and available for ALL children and not just those that go to a particular school. If you can’t locate a site in your area, call your school district and/or local food bank and they can help connect you to food in your area.

Schools seeking real-time assistance to support food access in their communities should refer to the USDA Food Nutrition and Service Response and Resources.

Resources for All

Planning for a New School Year

Remain flexible when setting your back-to-school plans. Shifts in the learning environment or changes in schedules may come in go as we move throughout the school year. Look to others in your community to learn what’s working (or not working) for others to better inform the approach that best meets the needs of your school, family or community.

Resources for All 
Resources for Families
Resources for Educators and School Staff


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