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Healthy Halloween Games

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Halloween is synonymous with candy and can tempt your students to throw their healthy habits out of the window. Change their minds by introducing healthy Halloween treats and games as a fun alternative!

Apple Eating Contest

Put a twist on a favorite Halloween game by swapping out a donut for apple slices. To set up:

  1. Core as many apples necessary for your classroom.
  2. Cut the apple into circular slices (with the hole from the core in the middle).
  3. Set up a line of string between two points (chairs, desk, etc.), and string together the apple slices on the line.
  4. Have students stand in line. The first person to finish their apple after “Go!” is the winner.

Gourd Spoon Challenge

This game is similar to an egg and spoon race. Split your students into six teams. Each person on a team must balance small gourds on a wooden spoon as they walk around a mini pumpkin and back. If a student drops the gourd they must go back to the start line and try again. The first team with all members to successfully make it back wins.

Halloween Charades

Set up orange balloons in the shape of a pumpkin. Inside each balloon, place a piece of paper that requires an action from students. To play the game, one at a time, students will pop a balloon and act out the word on the paper for the class without using any words. Possible actions:

  • Walk like Frankenstein.
    • Flap your arms like bat.
    • Walk like a zombie.
    • Pretend to rake up a pile of leaves and jump in them.
    • Pretend to walk through a sticky spider web.

Be as creative as you can!