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Healthy Fundraising

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How many fundraisers does your school do each year? Fundraisers provide money for a variety of school improvements, student scholarships, equipment and other activities not covered by the school’s budget. Healthy fundraising is a public demonstration of your school’s commitment to promoting healthy, consistent behaviors among students, families, and communities at large while helping your school meet financial needs.

Take Action

  • Review current fundraising strategies at your school. What healthy fundraisers are you already doing? Are there less nutritious fundraisers that could be healthier? How much money is made with fundraisers each year?
  • Check to see if your school meets Smart Snacks Standards, which outlines what can be sold during the school day.
  • Engage and educate your school administration and school fundraising groups (e.g. Friends Groups, Action Teams, Parent Teacher Associations, etc.) on the importance of healthy fundraising ideas and Smart Snacks Standards. Invite these group members to join the school wellness team to share ideas and discuss challenges.
  • Consider active fundraisers such as walk-a-thons, fun runs, dance-a-thons and hop-a-thons, or host a sports tournament for dodgeball, volleyball, soccer, basketball, bag toss, etc.
  • Instead of selling foods, sell non-edibles such as flowers, seed packets, school merch, school supplies, holiday gifts, etc.
  • Consider service fundraisers such as providing childcare for “parents night out,” car washes, sports clinics, coat check at school dances or parent events, etc.
  • Ask local community businesses to sponsor your fundraiser, donate products or space, or provide prizes or discounts for students that fundraise a certain amount.


Coordinate fundraisers that are centered around holidays, events or seasons when staff, families and the community are already planning to spend money.

Instead of hosting many small fundraisers, have fewer fundraising events. Hosting too many fundraisers can result in the school community feeling like they always have to give and may lead to lower profits.