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Eating school breakfast can help a child learn.

Imagine trying to focus when you’re hungry. All children deserve to start their day well-fed so that they’re ready to learn, but many kids don’t get to eat breakfast due to poverty, lack of time, and other factors.

Research specifically points to school breakfast as a major contributor to academic success. According to a 2016 FRAC research brief on Breakfast for Learning, “student academic achievement increases, especially for math, when schools offer the School Breakfast Program” and “students who participate in school breakfast show improved attendance, behavior, and academic performance as well as decreased tardiness.”

So how can you bring school breakfast to your kids?

  • Sell administrators, staff, or parents on the value and benefits of a strong school breakfast program, including the link to academic achievement and increased revenue.
  • Introduce an alternative school breakfast model.
    • Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC) – BIC helps get breakfast to where students are in the morning! BIC programs work well in the elementary school classroom and can be implemented during the first 10-12 minutes of the school day, while teachers are taking attendance and announcements are made.
    • Grab & Go Breakfast – Serving carts located in easily accessible locations, such as the cafeteria or near the school entrance, provide a quick and nutritious meal for students. These pre-packed breakfasts are a practical and appealing way to reach hungry kids in a hurry, boost participation in your school breakfast program, and ensure the school food service department receives funds for reimbursable meals.
    • Second Chance Breakfast – Offering Second Chance Breakfast allows students who are normally not hungry first thing in the morning to eat just a bit later. Also, students don’t need to arrive early to eat since breakfast is built into the day.
  • Get a school breakfast grant.
    • Thanks to our school breakfast grants, schools have served more than 66 million new school breakfasts since 2009. Our grants help increase school breakfast participation by implementing alternative breakfast models. Find out how and when to apply.

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