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I Made Running for Kids Part of My Lifestyle

by Kari Gormley, The Running Lifestyle Show

When I decided to run the Chicago and New York City Marathons with Team Healthy Kids, upon a challenge from my friend Dean Karnazes, I never imagined that decision would produce so many amazing results – and I’m not talking about a personal record. In fact, New York was one of my toughest marathons ever!

But that’s not what mattered when the New York City Marathon came around. By that time, thanks to my ability to reach runners through my podcast, The Running Lifestyle Show, and along with the show’s Go-to Real Food Dietitian, Serena Marie, RD, we spread AFHK’s message through 39 podcasts and recruited five runners to join us, all together raising more than $22,000.

I could not have been more proud crossing the finish line in Central Park, knowing the funds we had raised through both marathons would go directly to schools and help them get kids moving and eating nutritious foods during the school day. From improving brain function to managing stress to channeling pent up energy, the benefits of exercise for kids in the classroom are significant and well documented. Children are the future, and our children must be fit and healthy, not only for their own futures but also for the future of our country.

Raising money for AFHK along with listeners of the show, and then meeting up with those listeners in Chicago and NYC was one of the best experiences of my life. Little did I know how life changing it would be to take on two marathons in the fall (plus a third one a few weeks after NYC) while fundraising. I really didn’t think I could do it all, but facing fear in its face and asking for help made the impossible possible.

You may have heard that less than one percent of the population runs a marathon. But don’t let that statistic discourage you — let it, along with the chance to help change kids’ lives, inspire you! When you achieve a physical goal, it makes you wonder what else you can achieve, and what we can all achieve together.

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