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Paying it Forward: Ethan Taylor Draws on Challenges to Help Kids and Inspire Others

Ethan Taylor
Rockford, IL

Ethan Taylor was a victim of bullying throughout his childhood. He weighed 368 pounds by the time he was 19 years old. He suffered from depression and anxiety and continued to make unhealthy lifestyle choices, until he finally decided he had to drop out of college to make a change. “I was probably, as morbid as it sounds, not going to be around much longer because I couldn’t really handle it,” Ethan shared with Action for Healthy Kids.

In January 2018, Ethan gave weight loss one last try by challenging himself with small goals and making heathier food choices to help him lose 50 pounds. He then lost another 100 pounds by adding attainable fitness activities to his routine, like completing a pull-up and walking a mile on the treadmill. One mile of walking led to biking and then running. Within 18 months, Ethan had lost almost half his body weight. He decided he wanted to prove to others, especially kids, that it’s possible to live a happier, healthier life and set his largest goal for himself: to run the 2019 Bank of American Chicago Marathon in support of Action for Healthy Kids. Not only did Ethan complete the marathon, but he beat his goal time by four seconds.

Ethan’s new lease on life led him back to college to pursue a degree in exercise physiology. As an Action for Healthy Kids Take Action Team Ambassador, he continues to share his story and inspire kids to make healthy choices. He inspired his family to do regular workouts with him, started a weekly 2-mile walking group in his hometown of Rockford, Illinois, and is planning more local community health initiatives. His own energy level and energy for the cause has no limits now, and he plans to run more marathons for Action for Healthy Kids.

Join Ethan in a 2020 premier marathon to benefit Team Healthy Kids or donate today to help us continue our mission so we can help more kids like Ethan.