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The Mission: Take Action for Healthy Kids

Children today face many urgent challenges to their physical and emotional health and well-being. Join the movement of parents and caregivers who are combining forces by taking 1 million actions for healthy kids by 2025.

The Take Action for Healthy Kids campaign is mobilizing a movement of parents and caregivers whose collective actions will reset the course of children’s health and well-being in the U.S., especially in communities with the greatest need.

The Challenge: Health and educational inequities persist across the country, as children in underserved communities face greater health and safety risks on a daily basis. One in three children are overweight or obese. And youth today feel more pressured than ever, with one in five children under age 17 diagnosed with a mental, emotional or behavioral condition.

Your Mission: Parents and caregivers are the key to unlocking greater health and well-being for kids through their power to transform their families, schools and communities. If we collectively work to set the right course now for our children’s future by taking actions that will ensure every child is supported in leading a healthy lifestyle, our next generation of children will grow up to be the best and brightest adults America has ever seen, and our entire country will reap the benefits.

The Goal: 1 million actions for healthy kids by 2025

Take action today to create healthier, happier futures for all our children.

Make your actions count

Mission: Possible!

Join the movement to create healthy, happy futures for our kids. Commit to learning how you can be an action hero, and watch how small actions add up to big changes!

Actions Taken for Healthy Kids

Meet some heroes

See how lives are changing thanks to the actions of everyday action heroes—people like you.

Ivelisse Concepcion

Meet Ivy Concepcion, a Chicago, IL mom of three who continuously makes changes at home and engages in advocacy at school to help her kids have a 360 degree exposure to healthy habits while preserving their Puerto Rican culture.

Read Ivy's story

Brooklyn Center Middle School Student

A 6th grader at Brooklyn Center Middle & High School STEAM in  Brooklyn Center, Minnesota began using mindfulness techniques learned in school to manage severe anxiety. Michelle Auld, District Wellness Coordinator, shares their story.


Read the story

Wayne & Liam Bartnick

Wayne Bartnick grew up attending Allamanda Elementary School in South Florida, the same school his son Liam attends. He never imagined a school program could help Liam manage his ADHD and inspire the whole family to be active together.

Read Liam's story


Repost from @fittykat_

Traveling or not, we’re always working on having a healthy heart ❤️ As part of our partnership with @act4healthykids we’re raising awareness to celebrate heart month this February! MOVING - FUELING - BREATHING - LIVING - there’s so many ways to keep our hearts ♥️ healthy and strong! Check out my IG story post to link to some ideas of how to #takeaction4healthykids with heart health this month! .
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I show my love for Brooks by making sure he receives nutritious meals and by modeling healthy behaviors - it's how I #takeaction4healthykids. (AFHK Program Manager Grace Perry)
You can take action tomorrow for #ValentinesDay by posting a heart selfie with your kids saying why you #TakeAction4HealthyKids. Be sure to tag us in your post! Spread the word and raise awareness of our movement to generate 1 million actions for kids.
Actionforhealthykids.org/take-action .
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We had a blast with students, parents and staff at Stoney Creek Elementary today @charmeckschools and with @dolepics ! Kids, parents and caregivers tried new fruit and veggie recipes featured in the online Healthy Eating Toolkit we created with Dole and started their day with breakfast and dancing with Bobby Banana! #takeaction4healthykids
#DoleHealthyKids #DoleEvents
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Happy Valentine's Day! I LOVE supporting my charity act4healthykids where I serve as goodwill ambassador! All of my Taekwondo #training raises #money for this wonderful organization! Let's #takeaction4healthykids #afhk .
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I #TakeAction4HealthyKids because I love to see how a team sport like basketball helps my Sadie and the rest of our team get stronger, both physically and emotionally. (AFHK CEO Rob Bisceglie)
You can take action this Valentine's Day by posting a heart selfie with your kids saying why you #takeaction4healthykids. Be sure to tag us in your post! .
#childhealth #healthykids #takeaction #valentinesday #healthyfamilies

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