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Day of Service Makes Healthy Habits More Accessible

Patterson Park Public Charter School
Baltimore, Maryland

On September 30, 2017, Action for Healthy Kids teamed up with CSX to host an Every Kid Healthy Day of Service at Patterson Park Public Charter School in Baltimore, Maryland. Patterson Park had previously received and successfully implemented a Game On grant, funded by CSX. The Day of Service was awarded to recognize the school for its great work and to help with some building improvement projects that reflect Patterson Park’s approach to education in support of the whole child.

Volunteers included staff from Patterson Park and employees of Action for Healthy Kids and CSX. They were divided into groups to tackle the variety of service projects, which included building and creating a mobile kitchen cart, painting the mural of the school logo on the main entrance doors, building shelves in the gym equipment storage area, and mulching and painting planter boxes.

Each project added value to the school. The PE teacher, Georgia Holland-Pence, especially appreciated the new shelving units, which enabled more accessibility to the equipment and a well-managed space. “It is fantastic. This will help keep the physical education equipment organized,” she said. “I am sending big hugs to Action for Healthy Kids for building this outstanding addition to the gym office.”

New signage in the cafeteria also created a more visually appealing space while emphasizing the importance of well-balanced meals that include fruits and veggies.

Jane Lindenfesler, Patterson Park Executive Director, said, “It was an honor and pleasure to work with Action for Healthy Kids, CSX, and our school community to accomplish so many meaningful projects in one day! One of the many highlights was watching my young daughter work alongside students and community members to see the impact of a day of service.”