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2016 Healthy School Hero: Dianne Evans

Child Nutrition Manager, East Baton Rouge Parish Public Schools

East Baton Rouge Parish Public Schools were open for just four days before the epic flooding started in fall 2016. Today, people are still displaced and many of the schools are in need of major repairs.

Dianne Evans started the district Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC) program with the goal of providing a healthy breakfast for all children of their parish. BIC provides a healthy breakfast in pre-filled bags that children can pick up and eat in the classroom. After the flooding, the Parish used the expanded breakfast program to feed displaced children attending different schools as well as their own students while the schools were being repaired.

As the BIC trainer at East Baton Rouge Parish Public Schools, Dianne works with schools on logistics and training the Child Nutrition Team. She says the teachers also love the program because they have time to connect with their students. As of today, 28 schools participate in the breakfast program. Dianne knows there is still work to do, but she has seen firsthand what breakfast can do for a child.