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Health Education and Promotion

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Anyone who’s tried to change an unhealthy behavior knows how difficult it can be—especially if it’s a behavior ingrained from childhood! Health education and promotion in schools is an important step in establishing healthy attitudes and behaviors that can last a lifetime.

We’re talking about more than just health education. After all, knowing doesn’t always mean doing. Case in point: The CDC recommends at least five daily servings of fruits and veggies, yet only one in 10 Americans eat the recommended amount! The best health promotion programs in schools and communities align healthy messages with healthy activities and help get staff, students and communities excited about creating healthy habits together.

School-based health promotion programs can look very different depending on your school. They can take place formally and informally, inside or outside of the classroom, before, during or after school.

The possibilities for reinforcing positive health messages in the school environment are endless:

  • Are there any posters or signs that promote healthy eating or being active?
  • What’s in the school office: A bowl of candy or a bowl of apples?
  • Do teachers carry around a water bottle or an oversized soda?
  • Is the playground safe and inviting for kids of all ages?
  • Is there a school garden?
  • Are there healthy eating tips in the school newsletter?

At their core, most school-based health promotion programs include:

  • Health Education
  • PE & Physical Activity and Recreation Programs
  • Healthy School Staff
  • Health-promoting Policies and Practices
  • Community Outreach and Engagement
  • Social and Mental Health Services

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