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Give Parents a (Summer) Break: Week 1 Activities

Parents: After an overwhelming spring when you were playing caregiver, teacher, counselor, and more, we figured you could use a chance to rejuvenate your physical and emotional health.

Our Give Parents a (Summer) Break campaign started on July 6. In case you missed the first week of activities, the list is below. Be sure to register here so you can receive the remaining weeks of activities and the calendar for tracking your activities. Participants that return completed calendars to us by August 6 will be eligible for a random drawing to win prizes such as yoga mats, journals, and other self-care items.

Remember: These activities are to help revitalize your well-being, but you can always invite the kids to join any activity!

15 Minutes or Less

  • Begin and/or end your day with 15 minutes of mindful movement. Put on your favorite song or step outside to stretch, do a quick yoga sequence, or move in a way that makes you feel your best.
  • Time for a check-up? Make a quick call or go online and schedule any wellness appointments that have been put off recently (e.g. doctor, therapist, pediatrician, dentist, etc.).
  • Start your day 15 minutes ahead of when scheduled activities begin to enjoy a full, balanced breakfast and your morning coffee or tea. You can also use this time to read an article, do a word puzzle, or catch up on a podcast.

1 Hour or Less

  • Call a friend or family member who you haven’t chatted with in awhile to catch up and connect.
  • Walk, jog, bike, or do your preferred form of exercise for at least one mile around the neighborhood.
  • Start an herb garden in the kitchen.

A Half Day or Less

  • Play at the park. Join in on the jungle gym or run around the bases with your children to get some physical activity, play and connection. If you are looking for “me time” at the park, check neighborhood groups or park district websites to see if there are any free outdoor classes, like tai chi or Zumba, or simply bring a chair and a relaxing activity, like knitting or drawing.
  • Cook a traditional family recipe. Take a look at your family history or research the traditions of your ancestors, then pick a new, interesting dish to prepare. Share photos (or leftovers) with extended family members.
  • Clean out and donate old or unused items, like toys, clothes, household items, and furniture, to a local organization or community group. Start with one room and work your way out.