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Archived Webinars: Whole Child Health

Social Emotional Health

Manteniendo el Bienestar Mental en Nuestro Hogar Durante Tiempos Difíciles

Estamos enfrentando tiempos sin precedentes y situaciones fuera de nuestro control; está en nuestras manos el prepararnos para enfrentarlos con éxito. Aprenda a manejar situaciones estresantes, prevenir conflictos, manejar emociones y practicar técnicas de autocuidado para mantener la armonía familiar durante la cuarentena y más allá. Taller virtual para padres y familiares. Organizado por Action for Healthy Kids y presentado en español por Chely Romero de Alma Consulting, 10 de junio de 2020.

Your Child’s Brain: What’s Going On in There?
El Cerebro de su hijo: ¿Qué está pasando allí?

Learn how our children’s brains work and think during their educational years. This workshop explores key happenings in the brain and how to develop healthy habits to help kids learn, build resilience, and keep the brain working most efficiently. (Virtual parent workshop hosted by Colorado Action for Healthy Kids and Colorado PTA, presented by Chris Strater, Wellness Training Specialists, April 2020).

Aprenda cómo funcionan los cerebros de nuestros hijos y piense durante sus años educativos. Este taller virtual explora los acontecimientos clave en el cerebro y cómo desarrollar hábitos saludables para ayudar a los niños a aprender, desarrollar resiliencia y mantener el cerebro funcionando de manera más eficiente. (Taller virtual para padres organizado por Action for Healthy Kids y Colorado PTA. Presentado por Chris Strater, Wellness Training Specialists, abril de 2020)

PE, Physical Activity and Play

Active Classrooms 101: Get Up and Moving!

Get answers to the questions: What is an active classroom, why are they successful, and who benefits and why? Neuroscience supports the link between movement and improved learning, so find out how active classrooms can increase student performance, improve behavior and elevate student engagement. Then learn how to use a suite of free resources developed by the CDC and Springboard to Active Schools focused on helping all physical activity champions support active classrooms in their state, district, school, and classroom. (Active Schools Webinar Series – December 2020)

Integrating Physical Activity into Classroom Instruction

Moving while learning in the classroom not only gives kids the opportunity to add more physical activity into their day, but also can contribute to improved time on task, motivation to learn, and
academic performance. Classroom teachers can be great physical activity leaders with some quality resources and a little enthusiasm. Gain strategies and tips for using movement to teach language arts, math, and science. (Active Schools Webinar Series – January 2020)

Physical Activity in the Classroom: Get Kids Active with Free Brain Boost Videos

Brain Boosts of about 5-10 minutes can be built into the classroom schedule or spontaneously added when there’s a dip in student energy and attentiveness to help them get energized, focused, joyful and ready to learn. Learn how to access and use free online videos for kids of all ages from Hip Hop Public Health, GoNoodle, and UNICEF Kid Power. (Active Schools Webinar Series – January 2020)

Physical Education Teachers Can Influence and Support Classroom Physical Activity

As physical activity experts and champions in their schools, physical education teachers can be great advocates and supporters for classroom physical activity. Hear from four PE teachers who help
eliminate the fear of creating and using active classrooms by identifying resources and activities, providing training, and cheering on their colleagues. (Active Schools Webinar Series – January 2020)

District-Wide Commitment to Classroom Physical Activity and School Movement Labs: The Alief Independent School District Story

Learn how a district set up a plan to promote, support, and expand movement on all campuses and have made progress on their goal of giving kids a variety of movement opportunities throughout the
school day, as well as before and after school. Get tips on creating a culture of wellness one step at a time, utilizing morning movement, offering flexible seating, providing action based learning labs, and
using physical activity to teach academic content. See how professional development has helped get buy in from teachers and administrators. (Active Schools Webinar Series – January 2020)

Exploring Social-Emotional Learning Through Movement: A Win-Win

Research shows that the most effective SEL programs are active, so pairing SEL with physical activity is not only a natural fit, it’s the most effective approach. Learn about alignment between CASEL’s Core
SEL Competencies and the National Standards for Physical Education, use of cultural dance to achieve SEL outcomes, and how yoga, breathing, and mindful movement help students self-regulate and build resilience. (Active Schools Webinar Series – January 2020)

Optimal Nutrition

School Meals: Support for Students’ Health and Learning

Celebrate National School Breakfast Week and National Nutrition Month by learning more about the impact school meals and access to healthy foods have on student health and learning. (March 2020)

Lettuce Grow: Enhancing School Nutrition with AFHK and CATCH Global Foundation

Looking to boost your school’s nutrition education and promotion efforts? Join us and learn ways your school can enhance nutrition efforts throughout your school, including special celebration ideas for National Nutrition Month. AFHK’s partner, CATCH Global Foundation, will also share their health education resources to coordinate your efforts and support kids in making healthy choices. (March 2020)

Healthy Food at School: Social Emotional Learning Opportunities

Learn how access to healthy food through meal programs and improvement of nutrition education opportunities can support the whole child – physically, socially and emotionally. (March 2020)

Parents and School Nutrition: How to Engage Support

Learn how parents’ and school nutrition departments’ nutrition efforts can work together. Debunk myths around parent perceptions of school meals and learn strategies for increasing engagement. (March 2020)



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