Becoming an EnergizEd Hub - Action for Healthy Kids
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Becoming an EnergizEd Hub

Schools receiving AFHK's designation of an EnergizEd Hub implement best practices related to physical activity and active play.

Use the resources below to inform your school's implementation of best practices, take action, and begin making your school EnergizEd today!

Take Action with the School Health Index

Take the AFHK School Health Index (SHI) now to determine your school’s eligibility or track on your progress! Use the collection of resources below to work toward or maintain comprehensive implementation of best practices related to physical activity and active play.

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EnergizEd Best Practices

Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs

A Comprehensive School Physical Activity Plan (CSPAP) is a multi-component approach for schools to provide opportunities for students to be physically active for 60 minutes each day.

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Daily Physical Education

A quality PE program that meets national guidelines is the cornerstone for a physically active school and helps support improved classroom behavior, physical fitness, and standardized test scores.

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Classroom Physical Activity Breaks

Physical activity doesn't have to be in a recess or PE setting to be effective.

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EnergizEd Activities

Brain Breaks

While brain breaks should be used year-round, testing can be an especially difficult time for staying focused when students have to sit for long periods of time. Try one of these activities to wake up those brains!

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Active Indoor Recess

Are your students restless from being cooped up inside due to rain or cold? Active indoor recess is a great way to get physically moving, regardless of space or equipment constraints.

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Active Outdoor Recess

Elementary schools should incorporate a minimum of 20 minutes per day of recess for all grades and 30 minutes for primary grades. The benefits of recess also extend to secondary grades, too!

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Active Learning Opportunities

Incorporate physical activity before, during, and after the school day, as well as into daily lesson plans.

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Active Sensory Spaces

Use colorful and playful sensory hallways to turn a passive environment into an active one.

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Open Gym

Is your school looking for ways to increase physical activity before or after school? Consider hosting open gym!

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