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Yoga Freeze Dance

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Yoga is the connection of the mind (movement) and body (mindfulness and reflection). Through different poses, we can anchor to the present moment, check in with our bodies, and strengthen the mind-body connection.

Because the practice of yoga integrates the whole body, there are many health benefits including improved posture, flexibility, and strength, and it can help us to reflect on how we are feeling, manage stress, and discover the many pieces of us that make us – us.

Practice mindful moves with the integration of yoga, creative expression, and dance. Create your own dance moves, and when the music stops you will freeze and practice deep breathing in different poses! Pay close attention to how you feel before and after, notice the changes in your body, and practice anchoring to the moment. 


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This activity is a part of Connecting the Dots: Health as Art. Learn more about how the arts improve social determinants of healthsupport child developmentfoster health-promoting behaviors, and discover new resources and activities that connect the dots between social-emotional health, physical activity, and nutrition through art at school and at home!