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Take the Super Bowl Challenge

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The Super Bowl is just around the corner. Get kids involved in game-watching activities by inviting them to work out alongside the athletes. Play this game for a healthy night of fun!


When you see this… Do this
Touchdown 25 jumping jacks
Famous actor in commercial 10 dips on chair or sofa
Field goal 20 reverse crunches
Car commercial 10 push-ups
First down 20 bicycle crunches
4th-down conversion 30-second faux jump rope
Extra point 10 bridges
Personal foul 10 walking lunges
Onside kick 50 crunches
Run play of 20+ yards 30-second jog in place
Rock star on stage Chicken dance
Pass play of 20+ yards 10 push-ups
Timeout 25 squats
Interception 10 burpees
Fumble 10 dips on chair or sofa
Offsides 30-second high-knee jog
2-point conversion The Macarena
Delay of game 15 back extensions (Superman)
Reverse Run up and down the stairs
Double reverse 10 single leg squats
Kick returned for touchdown 45-second wall sit
Sack 60-second plank
Safety 20 push-ups