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Recycled Rockband

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We can learn a lot from how bands work together to create music. Each member of the band has different skills or strengths like playing the drums or playing the guitar. They put all of their strengths together and work as a team to produce music. A band uses positive communication to share ideas, help each other lift up their talents, and give feedback for growth and improvement.

You can do it too! Create your own rock band and help the planet by creating instruments using recycled materials! Recycling gives back to the planet and helps to create safe, clean spaces for everyone to enjoy!


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This activity is a part of Connecting the Dots: Health as Art. Learn more about how the arts improve social determinants of healthsupport child developmentfoster health-promoting behaviors, and discover new resources and activities that connect the dots between social-emotional health, physical activity, and nutrition through art at school and at home!