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Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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Teachers Making Healthy TreatsMartin Luther King Jr. day is a great time to reflect with your students on the importance of civil rights. Use these activities to discuss diversity and inclusion while also incorporating nutrition education and physical activity.




  • Red, yellow and green apples


  • Set a red, a yellow, and a green apple on the table.
  • Ask children to name the colors.
  • Cut the apples open and talk about how they have different colors on the outside, but are the same on the inside, just like people.
  • Enjoy the apples as a healthy snack!


Seeds of Diversity


  • Various vegetable seeds
  • Soil
  • Plastic cups
  • Large pot


  • Gather seeds of different varieties and invite each student to plant one type of seed in a plastic cup.
  • Explain that these seeds of different shapes, sizes, and colors will sprout side by side to create a beautiful garden, just like the beautiful diversity we see in our own communities.
  • Once the plants are large enough, transplant them into a large pot in the classroom or in a small garden outside and continue to care for them as a class.
  • Tip: Do this project with multiple classrooms to culminate in the creation of a beautiful, colorful and diverse school garden!

Other Ideas

Recruit volunteers to help with a walk/run that raises funds for a local nonprofit or community organization.

Have volunteers assist with re-painting or re-building school playground equipment.

Organize volunteers around building or enhancing a school garden.

Recruit parents, students and community members to help pick up trash in and around the school campus and local community.

Have volunteers wear pedometers to log their steps and have a special prize for the most steps walked.