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USDA Updates to School Nutrition Standards

AFHK is committed to working with schools and sharing resources to meet these important standards

Students in school lunch line

This morning, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced major steps to promote the health of America’s children through school meals. Nutrition standards for school meals will be implemented in phases to include less sugar, less sodium and greater flexibility with menu planning between Fall 2025 and Fall 2027.

Action for Healthy Kids recognizes that our children’s health and well-being are at the forefront of these changes. We see this reflected in the dedication of school nutrition operators across the country to improve both food and nutrition security.

As an organization that has worked with schools on school nutrition for many years, we appreciate the phased approach USDA has taken with these standards. Schools are able to plan ahead, develop solutions and implement gradually. We are committed to working with schools and sharing our resources to meet these important standards.

Working together is critical. Through our collaboration with the USDA, AFHK has awarded nearly $30 million to 264 school districts nationwide through the Healthy Meals Incentives (HMI) Initiative. We are reaching students in some of our nation’s highest need schools through this funding to lay the groundwork for healthier meals – meals that will ultimately meet these new standards.

As we take time to connect with our school partners about the new standards, we are certain about one thing: Now that the new standards have been set, we have unwavering confidence in the dedicated and skilled food service professionals who will continue to rise to the challenge to implement them. And we will do so, together.

AFHK’s team is ready to offer support and resources to our school partners in meeting USDA’s updated school nutrition standards. We look forward to sharing more soon. Read the USDA updates here.

Infographic with USDA updated school nutrition standards