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The Learning Connection Report

It’s common sense: Healthy children are better learners. And as more research surrounding “the learning connection” – the crucial link between quality nutrition, physical activity and academic performance – is done, evidence backing that assertion only continues to mount. Download an overview of the learning connection here. 

Additionally, The Learning Connection: What You Need to Know to Ensure Your Kids are Healthy and Ready to Learn report from 2013 demonstrates that physical activity supports academic achievement, well-nourished kids learn better and that healthier practices in schools can increase school revenue. The easy-to-read special report is a roadmap for parents, educators, school administrators and school volunteers to create healthier school environments so the kids in their lives are better positioned to learn. It’s a follow-up to Action for Healthy Kids’ landmark 2004 report, The Learning Connection: The Value of Improving Nutrition and Physical Activity in Our Schools. Download the report here.