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Supporting Our Military-Connected Youth: Insights and Initiatives

At Action for Healthy Kids, we strive to support our nation’s youth, especially those from military families. With the unique challenges faced by military-connected youth, such as frequent moves and parent deployments, our commitment to these children is stronger than ever.

Insights from Our Recent Survey

In 2023, we conducted a comprehensive survey involving parents of military-connected youth in Clay County, Florida, to better understand and address their needs and priorities. Key findings include:

  • Inclusivity and Engagement: While 74% of parents feel that their schools are welcoming to military-connected youth, only 57% believe that schools engage well with them to understand their unique experiences and needs.
  • Communication Gaps: Only half of the surveyed parents reported a high degree of two-way communication with schools, highlighting a gap that could impact the effectiveness of the support provided.
  • Support Structures: Few parents are aware of specific school supports for military-connected youth, such as transition programs , which are crucial for helping them adapt to new school environments.

If you would like to read more about the survey results, you can find our report here

Data-Driven Initiatives

The insights derived from our survey findings have led us to focus on targeted interventions and support:

  • Military Family Events: We’ve conducted family events to honor military families and elevate their voice.
  • Educational and Staff Development: To bridge the communication gap, we’re supporting our school district partner in ramping up training programs for school staff, focusing on the unique needs of military-connected students.
  • Resource Accessibility: Our Military Child Toolkit will be available this summer, featuring new resources to help schools and families create a supportive environment, including information on navigating school transitions effectively.

The Way Forward: Building on What Works

Our survey also highlighted additional areas needing urgent attention and improvement:

  • Bullying: Nearly 1-in-4 parents reported being dissatisfied with how schools handle bullying faced by military-connected youth.
  • Mental Health Support: There is a critical need for more robust support systems for students dealing with stress and mental health concerns, particularly those related to injury or loss of a family member.

To address these, we are advocating for:

  • Systematic Changes: Introducing policies that prioritize the social-emotional health of military-connected students within school curricula and district-wide programs.
  • Community and Peer Support: Expanding programs that facilitate peer connections, such as ‘Military Buddy’ systems, to provide mutual support among military-connected students.

Join Our Cause

As we continue to adapt and expand our programs, we invite educators, community leaders, and other potential supporters to join us in this vital mission. Your support can make a significant difference in the lives of children who face the unique challenges of military family life.

Together, we can ensure that military-connected youth receive the support they need to thrive.

For more information or to get involved, please contact