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Turning Classrooms into Active Learning Rooms

Cumberland Trace Elementary School
Bowling Green, Kentucky

Cumberland Trace Elementary in Bowling Green, Kentucky is using their Game On grant, thanks to generous support from CSX Transportation, to turn classrooms into active learning environments, which encourage movement and active learning throughout the day.

Homeroom teachers are given a calendar at the beginning of the month to track daily activity and brain breaks. The goal is for each class to have at least three activity breaks throughout the day using resources like Go Noodle and Just Dance videos that lead the breaks. At the end of the month, teachers turn in their calendar for a chance to win extra PE time for their class. In addition to brain breaks, Cumberland Trace is also keeping students active with stability balls and pedal bikes underneath desks. Students in 4th grade wrote persuasive essays to their parents to help purchase the equipment.

Teachers are seeing the benefits of active classrooms. “Our school environment is transforming more and more each year,” said Amy Oliver, PE teacher. “Teachers are starting to see that activity and learning go hand-in-hand.”