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School Fitness Club Trains Students for Success In and Out of the Classroom

Melissa Bolden, the parent of two students at Goldsboro Elementary Magnet School in Sanford, Florida, credits the school’s Fitness Club, created with funding from Action for Healthy Kids, for transforming her son Jayden’s behavior.  

Jayden, an energetic 6-year-old, had trouble focusing for long periods of time at home and in his kindergarten classroom. Melissa was frequently contacting the teacher to discuss Jayden’s behavior and a path forward. Sensing a need to get out his abundance of energy before school, Melissa enrolled Jayden and his older sister, Madison, in the school’s Fitness Club. Among the many activities, students trained to run races against other kids at neighboring schools in the community.  

Immediately, Jayden’s teacher noticed a difference in the classroom. He was no longer disruptive in class and suddenly able to focus for longer periods of timeAt home, Melissa also found he was able to read his books for homework with less frustration, followed directions better, and had a more positive attitude overall. She noticed Jayden’s newfound sense of confidence from training and participating each weekend in the races even though he never placed for a medal. 

The Fitness Club and weekend races also gave Madison a self-esteem boost. Melissa noticed the determination her second grader brought to each race. When Madison won her very first raceshe demonstrated a new self-assurance on stage when she accepted her medal at the awards ceremony. This propelled her to place tenth out of more than 150 kids in her age group at the district county meet, a huge accomplishment. The medals and trophy she received from her hard work inspired brother Jayden to train even harder.  

Melissa is so proud of her kids’ enthusiasm for physical activity that the entire Bolden family has made fitness part of their daily routines by incorporating walks and bike rides. Melissa is grateful for the grant that Action for Healthy Kids provided Goldsboro Elementary for the Fitness Club to empower healthy kids, which she credits for her own children’s inspired confidence and success.