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New Equipment Creates Better Opportunities for Adult Learners

Central Learning Adult/Alternative School Site (CLASS)
Fresno, California

The challenges that Central Learning Adult/Alternative School Site (CLASS), in Fresno, CA, have overcome are a tribute to creativity and persistence that can go the distance.

Last year, Principal Leah Spate of CLASS identified the biggest needs of students and targeted food security, physical activity, and nutrition education for improvement. When they launched a free breakfast and lunch program, students stayed on campus longer. Given that CLASS is an independent study school, students come to school one day a week for an average of 3 hours. How could the school leverage its limited resources to meet the other needs of students?

After being awarded a Game On grant from Action for Healthy Kids, the school purchased physical education bags that included PE equipment and visuals that show how to perform the activities. Traditionally, students earned PE credits by completing written packets that required no physical activity, but with the new equipment, the administration made a change that required students to move, exercise, and submit pictures of themselves completing the activities. Although CLASS does not have a track or adequate outdoor space like traditional schools, they maximize their space by modifying activities. When students welcomed the change, it gave teachers the motivation to continue making improvements. Kimberly Marks, Teacher Independent Study/RSP, said, “I saw changes with student-staff interactions. I saw staff and teachers become more positive. Students are energized, and I’ve seen an improvement with their moods.”

The next step for the school is to purchase equipment for their nutrition education program. Students will learn about adequate serving size and how to read nutrition facts labels. CLASS’s story is a reminder that limited resources or a small budget does not mean student health and wellness cannot be achieved. With a little dedication and ingenuity, programs can have significant, long-lasting impact.


This grant was made possible with funding from Cargill.