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2016 Healthy School Hero: Carol Vickers

Volunteer Communications Chair, Florida Coordinated School Health Partnership

Carol Vickers’ grandchildren motivate her every day. When her youngest granddaughter started kindergarten, she ate no vegetables and very little fruit. She visited Carol for Thanksgiving, tried several vegetables she normally wouldn’t eat, saying, “They are healthy and good for you.” Carol asked her where she learned that and she said, “At school!” This confirmed to Carol that school health initiatives are making a difference in the lives of kids.

Carol is a retired RN and Coordinated School Health Coordinator at the Florida Department of Health. Her experience in maternal infant and pediatric nursing eventually led her to public health. Early on she worked in health services, but the most rewarding experience for her has been in the area of prevention. Her philosophy involves the whole child because she believes that a child must be healthy social and emotionally in order to be physically healthy.

Carol has continued her commitment and passion as the Volunteer Communications Chair for the Florida Coordinated School Health Partnership since her retirement. Her favorite activity is sharing best practices through regional trainings and webinars and connecting with the change-makers in schools that drive policy and environmental change. Since 2005 she has helped train over 2,000 school and district personnel!

The most rewarding and challenging part of Carol’s work is sustaining health and wellness efforts. In her work she has seen champions come and go and leadership and priorities change, but policies ensure the initiatives related to the health of students and staff are maintained.

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