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Parenting and Educating in the Era of COVID

Family-school partnerships are vital to improving children’s health — especially in the COVID and post-COVID era.

In early 2020, we set out to explore parents’ and caregivers’ perceptions and realities on issues facing their kids’ health and well-being and what drives, or creates barriers to, parent involvement in these issues at their own children’s schools. Our national survey of parents of children in pre-school through 8th grade found that three out of four parents said their children are currently facing challenges to their health and well-being, and parents don’t think it’s getting any easier. A follow-up survey in August 2020 showed how the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic altered these responses.

We turned the results into an in-depth report that:

  • Highlights the key findings from our surveys.
  • Illustrates barriers to parent involvement in school health.
  • Offers tips for families and schools to work together to address challenges to kids’ well-being.

Please enter your information to access the full report for free. You can also download a brief snapshot of the report here.