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Meet Our Team: Eva Sippola

Each month, we’ll be introducing you to one of our stellar team members so you can get to know the humans behind Action for Healthy Kids. We’re starting with Eva Sippola, Chief Development Officer.

  1. Favorite place to visit in your city/town: The lakefront in Chicago
  2. Go-to healthy dinner to make: Zoodles and homemade Bolognese or marinara sauce
  3. What staple is always in your fridge? Hot sauce
  4. Favorite family activities: Traveling, hiking and eating good food
  5. What do you do to wind down? I like to spend time in nature/outside with my son and husband, have impromptu kitchen dance parties, and enjoy a glass of Cab or Pinot…sometimes in that order.
  6. As a kid, what did you want to be when you grow up? An astronaut
  7. Favorite way(s) to get physical activity: Dancing or running
  8. If you could learn any new skill overnight, what would you choose? I would learn to speak French and Spanish fluently.
  9. What motivates you in your decisions? Passion, doing what’s right and what matters, adventure, and the opportunity to connect with and learn from people and their life journeys, however similar or completely different from my own path.
  10. Describe one of the most rewarding moments you’ve experienced: Becoming a parent, but specifically overhearing a recent exchange when my son was playing the board game Life and explained during the marriage questioning that you can marry anyone as long as you love them. Love is what matters.

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