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Jerrica Demps, Family Connector, White County, TN

How long have you been a Family Connector with AFHK?  

I am beginning my second year as a Family Connector with AFHK.  

Why did you want to be a Family Connector with AFHK? 

I was involved with the writing and utilization process for the AFHK Grant for the White County School District. When the Family Connector position became available, I knew that was my heart. I have a background in social work and understand the importance of family involvement. This was the perfect opportunity to provide our community with resources needed to engage parents and families in the school system.   

What do you like most about the work? 

AFHK is like a family of its own. I enjoy being able to work with family connectors from all over. It is very eye opening and allows us all to grow and learn together. As far a family connection in our school district, I have loved getting to attend parent teacher meetings, planning, and implementing new parent involvement strategies. This year, I am excited to be working with the NourishEd grant and partnering with our schools and cafeteria staff. 

What is a memorable moment that you have experienced as a Family Connector? 

So far, the most memorable moments as a Family Connector have derived from the collaboration that the district has implemented to improve White County Schools social-emotional learning. Each school has a representative that oversees the plans and activities for the students, parents, and teachers.  

What is one of your goals this school year? 

This year, I would like to involve even more partnerships. I am excited to be working with food and nutrition throughout the district. I hope that we are able to involve the local farmers and agriculture classes. With their involvement, we can educate all ages and families on the importance of supporting the locals. With this we can also educate the community on the benefits of local purchasing as far as meats, produce, and garden vegetables.  

What are some of your other hobbies/interests? 

I love to cook! Family time is something that I am very passionate about, and food seems to be the ideal attention getter.