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Cycling Across America to Support Action for Healthy Kids

For Mitchell Goldstein, who recently completed a cross-country biking trip with Overland Summers from Savannah, GA, all the way to sunny Los Angeles, the decision to donate the trip’s generated funds to Action for Healthy Kids was easy. There was no better choice in his mind, as a fitness and healthy habit enthusiast, than AFHK. Especially because he knows that in his small Connecticut town, and coming from a family of doctors, his lived experiences with health were inside a bubble.  

The trip reiterated and allowed him to see first-hand how hospitals and healthcare, biking trails and parks, health food stores and even traditional grocery stores were not always nearby. Even still, establishments like Whole Foods though nearby could be not affordable for many people.  

“Going through places like the Great Plains or under the Appalachian Mountains, there could be miles and miles of nothing, and going through LA, sometimes you would see an extravagant house or building next to some very small and modest homes,” Mitch said. “Even in one area, income disparity could be right in your face.”  

Over the course of 40 days, Mitch biked 3200 miles and raised over $6,000 for our organization. As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, this donation helps us now more than ever, especially during a time when children have sharply either become increasingly overweight or obese or food insecure. 

To read more about Mitch’s journey, visit his trip website here:  

Action for Healthy Kids thanks Mitch for his fundraising, and appreciates any donations made to our cause!