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COVID-19 Vaccine Resources – Trusted Information from Leaders in the Field

Whether you are looking to learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine for yourself or share trusted information with friends and family, this blog post contains resources on how the COVID-19 vaccine works, why it is safe, the benefits it provides, and how to promote confidence. Each of these resources are regularly updated with the most recent information.


  • Your Guide to the COVID-19 Vaccine (Kaiser Permanente) – Access general information on safety and effectiveness, vaccine types, how to prepare to receive the vaccine, and more!
  • COVID-19 – Increasing Vaccinations Employer Toolkit (Kaiser Permanente) – Employers face challenges in encouraging employee vaccination and keeping everyone safe in the workplace. School districts can use this toolkit to navigate those challenges and boost vaccine confidence among employees.
  • COVID-19 Community Resources Download Center (The Public Good Projects) – The digital download center provides downloadable materials like videos, pdfs, and more to learn about and promote the COVID-19 vaccine. Use this resource to download and print posters to hang in your schools or to send home to families.
  • Toolkit for Responding to COVID-19 Cases (CDC) – The CDC shares information on how to navigate COVID-19 cases in in-person K-12 schools.
  • CDC- How Schools Can Support COVID-19 Vaccination (CDC) – Schools play an important role in the safety and health of a community. Learn more about how schools can support COVID-19 vaccination in your community.
  • COVID-19 Public Education Campaign (We Can Do This Campaign/US Dept of Health and Human Services) – This campaign helps to spread awareness and confidence in the COVID-19 vaccine and offers resources to advocate for the vaccine in your area.


  • COVID-19 Vaccine overview flyer English|Spanish|Also available in Chinese, Korean, Russian, Tagalog, Vietnamese (Kaiser Permanente) – Post this flyer on your school and district social media sites to encourage families to get vaccinated. Print out the flyers and post them in high-traffic areas around your school buildings and workplaces. Make sure to share all languages to ensure that all families have access to the information.
  • COVID-19 Vaccine safety and effectiveness flyer English| Spanish| Also available in Chinese, Korean, Russian, Tagalog, Vietnamese (Kaiser Permanente) – Many of the concerns shared by parents and caretakers stem from uncertainty about the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine. This flyer may help to ease those concerns by sharing statistics and research of the vaccine.
  • COVID-19 – What to expect when you get your vaccine flyer English(Kaiser Permanente) – Here are a few details about what happens after you get vaccinated. Share this flyer to ease nerves about what happens next!


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