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Classroom Energizers and Brain Breaks

Classroom energizers (sometimes called brain breaks or classroom physical activity breaks) help to re-activate the brain when students have been sitting for extended periods of time and need to re-focus. Hey, we should all take brain breaks during the day, right?

Teachers and principals may be concerned that there isn’t time during class for physical activity or that it may be disruptive. But classroom energizers can consist of 5-minute bursts of activity or incorporating kinesthetic tools and techniques into the lesson. And once teachers and principals see the benefits, they’re hooked!

Start with your child’s teacher, or talk to the principal about having teachers work classroom energizers into their schedules. Here are five ideas to energize you!

  1. Have students, the PE teacher, or staff lead a morning activity via intercom before class starts.
  2. Implement a brain break the last five minutes of class before lunch—a little physical activity will improve the kiddos’ appetites!
  3. Students can do different movements while they figure out schoolwork assignments. This can be grade appropriate and as simple as counting to 10 while doing jumping jacks or practicing spelling words by spelling them out with their bodies.
  4. Take the class for a walk while talking about a lesson or practicing math games aloud.
  5. Add kinesthetic tools to the classroom, like balance balls for kids to sit on during class, pedal desks, or a recumbent bike that kids can take turns using while reading.

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