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Becoming a Comprehensive Health Hub

Schools receiving AFHK's designation of a Comprehensive Health Hub have earned comprehensive ConnectEd, EnergizEd, and NourishEd Hub designations and implement best practices related to family-school partnerships and sustainability.

Use the resources below to inform your school's implementation of best practices, take action, and begin making your school Comprehensive today!

Take Action with the School Health Index (SHI)

Take the AFHK School Health Index (SHI) now to determine your school’s eligibility or track on your progress! Use the collection of resources below to work toward or maintain comprehensive implementation of best practices related to social-emotional health and risk behavior prevention, physical activity and active play, food access and nutrition education, and family-school partnerships.

Take the SHI

Comprehensive Child Health Best Practices

Bridging the Gap: Building Strong, Effective Family-School Partnerships

Kids do best when families and schools work together to support them in reaching their full potential. Learn more and discover resources to begin working towards long-lasting family-school partnerships.

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What Makes a Safe and Supportive Learning Environment?

What is a safe and supportive learning environment? Learn the components and how it contributes to healthier children.

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Health as Social Justice

We believe health is a matter of social justice—every child deserves a future where they can thrive due to just and equitable programs, policies, and access to critical developmental building blocks.

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Comprehensive Activities

Staff as Healthy Role Models

It’s important for all school staff, whether or not they are members of the school health team, to practice healthy role modeling to support and encourage healthy habits among students.

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Staff Professional Development

Is your staff knowledgeable about nutrition, physical activity and district wellness policies? Consider providing annual professional development to all staff to ensure they have the right tools in their health and wellness toolbox to be effective school wellness leaders.

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Student Wellness Team

If you are trying to improve your school’s wellness, engaging students is key! Students are your voice to knowing what is most important to them, and it can drive more meaningful impact for your school.

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Healthy and Active Non-Food Rewards

How does your school reward kids for "good" behavior? Kids are often offered food, beverages and candy as rewards for accomplishments.

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Healthy Messages for Families

Not only do parents support healthy habits at home, but they can also support your wellness efforts at school. Start by sharing key healthy messages with parents to give them tools for supporting health at home.

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Healthy and Active Parties

Celebrations are a great way for children to feel part of the school community, where the learning environment is made festive and where everyone can come together to enjoy a break from the routine.

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