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Second Chance Breakfast

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Breakfast Food CartA hungry stomach can lead to an unfocused mind. Studies show that good nutrition leads to improved classroom performance, higher test scores, and better behavior. It can be a challenge to get students to the cafeteria before school, so consider how breakfast can be incorporated into the school day. Second Chance breakfast offers a breakfast break in the morning, often after first period for older students in secondary schools.

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Why consider Second Chance Breakfast?

There are many reasons why students don’t eat breakfast before the school day. Offering Second Chance Breakfast allows students who are normally not hungry first thing in the morning to eat just a bit later. Also, students don’t need to arrive early to eat since breakfast is built into the day. It also helps to reduce the stigma associated with school breakfast as it becomes part of the school day just like eating lunch at school.

How it Works (Generally!)

  1. The food service department continues to offer breakfast as normal prior to the start of the day.
  2. Time is built in between first and second period or following homeroom to offer breakfast. Normally no more than 15 minutes is needed.
  3. Breakfast can be served in the cafeteria or utilize kiosks or carts in high traffic locations.
  4. Students pick up their breakfasts and eat either in the cafeteria or on their way to their next class.



Schools that benefit the most:

  • Middle and high schools, as their day is already fragmented into separate classes and times. Many already have mid-morning breaks already built into their schedules.


  • Additional equipment is not often required, just juggling the schedule a bit can increase the opportunity for students to eat a healthy breakfast.


  • Proper timing for the offering of second chance breakfast is important. With proper time in between lunch service and breakfast service, lunch participation should not be negatively impacted. Normally schools offer breakfast with about two hours between the two services.

Fear of Double Meals:

  • Some people fear that offering two breakfasts will mean students will eat more than one meal. Utilizing electronic tracking will help eliminate students receiving more than one meal.