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Get Moving with Glowsticks

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Keeping is children physically active can be challenging in the age of video games and technology, however, there is one toy that still lights up without the push of a button! Glowsticks! Glowsticks are a fun and affordable way to get children moving at home or at school, especially when an indoor physical activity is needed. Pair your creativity with all of the different uses of glowsticks found below to create a glowing day of fun!

Take Action

  • Have a dance party. Tape your glowsticks to your arms, legs, chest, and face and have a glow-in- the-dark dance party! Pick your favorite song to dance to and invite your friends and family members to join in. Use your creativity to express yourself through whatever dance moves you’d like! Dancing is a great way to release your energy and have fun with other.
  • Set up a glow-stick ring toss. Link together 2-3 glow sticks into a circle to create your rings for the toss. Find an item such as a tall stick or paper towel roll to serve as your post. Tape a few glow sticks to the post so you can see it in the dark. Aim the glow-stick rings for the post and keep track of how many times you get the ring around the post!
  • Play a game of tic-tac-glow. Lay enough glow sticks to create a tic-tac-toe board on the table or floor. Use extra glow sticks to create rings for circles and two sticks for x’s. Work to get 3 in a row!
  • Have a friendly glow-stick sword battle. Collect old paper towel tubes and tape glow sticks to the outsides. Establish rules for safe and fun play. Use your imagination and imagine you are a pirate on a pirate ship or Luke Skywalker in Star Wars.