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Capture Your Community

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Organizing and leading an awareness campaign such as photographing what makes our community unique – and what makes it home for us and our neighbors – helps build social cohesion, personal agency, and a feeling of collective empowerment. By using art to spread awareness, we can encourage different perspective taking and reach people with our message in a more inclusive way. And when done through the lens of a peer leadership project, it allows us the opportunity to grow as an individual and to create something new, meaningful, and beautiful for our community.

Highlight what’s special about your community and strengthen leadership skills by organizing a photography campaign or creating a photography project.


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This activity is a part of Connecting the Dots: Health as Art. Learn more about how the arts improve social determinants of healthsupport child developmentfoster health-promoting behaviors, and discover new resources and activities that connect the dots between social-emotional health, physical activity, and nutrition through art at school and at home!