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Take action today so tomorrow kids learn

Take action today so tomorrow kids grow

Take action today so tomorrow kids succeed

Our Mission

All kids deserve to be healthy, active, and ready to learn

We work to create healthier home and school environments where every child has access to safe places to play, nutritious food to eat, and healthy experiences to help them thrive.


The U.S. is ranked LAST out of 21 industrialized nations in child health and safety.

7 hrs

Children get an average of 7+ hours of screen time daily.

1 in 5

1 in 5 children ages 3-17 have a mental, emotional, or behavioral disorder.

Who We Are

Health is a human right.

We empower schools, families, and communities to take actions that help children lead healthier lives.

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Start making change in your school

Kids spend more than 1,200 hours each year in school, making schools an ideal place to teach and model healthy eating and physical activity. In your school, you can:

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Start Game On

Schools face many similar challenges, but every school—and child—is different. With our flexible, free online guide, schools learn how to create healthier learning environments for students, staff, and communities.

With Game On, you can:

Build your school health team

Assess your school's health

Find healthy eating activities

Get kids moving

and more!

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Become an advocate

Change starts with you. We provide resources to help your actions make the biggest impact on your child’s wellness journey.

With our resources, you can:

Take the healthy school quiz

Make the case for school health

Shape up your school environment

Improve health at home

and more!

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See how schools, parents, and community members are taking action today for a healthier tomorrow.

Planting the Seeds for Healthy Kids at Eucalyptus Elementary

“I love that the school takes the time to grow so much and teach the kids the importance of gardening and healthy eating, and I love to see the kids harvest the fruits and veggies that were in the garden. My daughter saves the seeds from her fruits and asks me to plant them at her grandma’s house.”
Joyce Liwanag, Parent, Eucalyptus Elementary School, Hawthorne, CA

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When you support Action for Healthy Kids, you’re standing with the largest national network of school health champions to create healthier schools.

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It's #TakeActionTuesday! A simple, free way to change your kids' day? Spend 5 minutes each morning meditating, breathing, and setting a goal or intention for the day. This is one way to #TakeAction4HealthyKids that can lead to better focus and a more positive mindset.
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Help kids be like Ethan, whose inspirational health journey led to him completing the Chicago Marathon this year. He did it "for the kids." Will you? Donate today at donate.actionforhealthykids.org/joyofmovement.
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We "heart" happy, #healthykids. It's why we work so hard to make sure they're given the building blocks to thrive, including plenty of #physicalactivity, good #nutrition, social emotional skills, and more. This season, we're celebrating the #joyofmovement. If you've ever felt better physically or emotionally from the activities you do, you understand the impact of movement. Give that gift to a child by donating at the link in our profile.
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We love this real talk from @kids.eat.in.color to get kids to eat healthy foods! ...

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