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Family-School Partnership Workplan for Engaging Diverse Communities in Healthy Schools

Family engagement is essential to the healthy development, learning, and educational equity of all students. When families and schools form committed partnerships based on trust and shared goals, the whole child thrives.

The Family-School Partnership Workplan was designed to motivate and challenge educators to align, advance and/or adopt effective evidence-based strategies to foster authentic family partnerships — the wellness and success of our students relies on our action.

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The Family-School Partnership Workplan for Engaging Diverse Communities in Healthy Schools provides a comprehensive examination of how collaborative efforts involving parents, schools, and communities play a crucial role in establishing an environment conducive to the healthy development of children and adolescents. A central theme that emerges from this workplan is the shift from traditional, one size-fits-all engagement models to a partnership approach that recognizes the unique strengths of each family in contributing to student success.
The workplan outlines five evidence-based strategies, categorized into three impact areas: school-based interventions, policy and communication, and staff development and research. These strategies aim to drive systematic change within a school district. Importantly, it acknowledges that each school district and school may have a different starting point in this journey and may face varying family engagement challenges. Our collective objective in implementing this workplan is to provide evidence-based, practical strategies, and support to facilitate equitable collaboration in family-school partnerships.

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