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School meals and nutrition

The more exposure kids have to healthy foods, the more they want to eat them. Make sure your school is adopting a healthy food culture and following best practices.

Smarter lunches & smarter snacking

How Does School Lunch Work?

Get to know the basics of school lunch programs.

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Transform School Lunch

Find out how you can make an impact by making school lunch more nutritious.

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Vending, Concessions, and Snacks at School Events

Make sure the snacks and concessions at your school meet the smart snacks standards.

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Swap out the sugar

Competitive Foods

Make sure the foods sold at your school meet Smart Snacks Standards.

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Healthy Celebrations

Parties should be about more than just cake. Get creative tips and ideas for active games and healthy and non-food treats.

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Sip Smarter

Reduce kids' sugar intake by rethinking their drink.

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