Becoming a NourishEd Hub - Action for Healthy Kids
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Becoming a NourishEd Hub

Schools receiving AFHK's designation of a NourishEd Hub implement best practices related to food access and nutrition education.

Use the resources below to inform your school's implementation of best practices, take action, and begin making your school NourishEd today!

Take Action with the School Health Index

Take the AFHK School Health Index (SHI) now to determine your school’s eligibility or track on your progress! Use the collection of resources below to work toward or maintain comprehensive implementation of best practices related to food access and nutrition education.

Take the SHI

NourishEd Child Health Best Practices

Build a Healthier School Food Culture

It's not just lunch: Make sure your school makes healthy food choices in all situations.

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Smart Snacks Standards

Is your school smart snack savvy? The “Smart Snacks in School” rule set standards for all foods and beverages sold in schools that participate in the national school meal program.

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The Cafeteria: Serve up Smarter Lunchrooms

Healthy marketing and decorations lead to healthier eating. Make sure kids get the message.

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NourishEd Activities

Nutrition Education

Nutrition education is especially important for kids, as they establish food patterns that carry into adulthood. Teaching students about MyPlate and the benefits of each food group can help promote healthy eating from a young age.

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School Garden

A school garden is a wonderful way for students to physically connect with nutrition education, understand the process of growing healthy foods, and recognize environmental stewardship.

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Farm to School

Farm to school is a national movement that helps connect kids to healthy, local food while also supporting local farmers and building communities.

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Host a Taste Test

Expose your students to a variety of healthy food items so they'll eat better!

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Healthy School Snacks

Healthy snacks help satisfy hunger between meals and increase energy. Learning to eat and enjoy healthy snacks encourages children to develop healthy eating habits.

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Cafeteria Spruce-Up

Students visit the cafeteria on a daily basis, so it's a perfect place to promote healthy choices and physical activity messages, creating an environment where students can enjoy healthy eating.

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